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What can I say? I am a 14 year old who wants to show the world her art and who has a crush on Cory Michael Smith . Nothing special.
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I was listening to "Cut The Cord" by The Living Thombstone ft. EileMonty and I don't know why, but I wanted to do an analysis. We are doing analyses in my German lessons, so I think this would be a good practice for me :D (I will use some Screenshots to make myself clear when I talk about what the characters are doing)

If you don't know about the song, or haven't heard it yet, here it is:

Okay, first of all I would like to explain what the characters are supposed to represent and who is singing. (I used some comments to help myself out, since it was a bit difficult)
The Main "Villain", the lady with the black hair and purple glasses, is representing a rather popular Artist. She has a huge Monument of her in the city and a very professional working place in, with computers and machines.
The Main "Protagonist", the girl/young woman who is constantly changing hair colors, is supposed to represent an Art Thieve, as the lyrics at 0:23 are saying: "You've pulled a few strings, stolen My Ideas".
Since the girl with the different hair colors is shown talking and/or crying, and the singing stops after the black haired lady dies, it's the lady singing. The story is told from the perspective of the Artist and shown from the point of view of the Thieve. (many people thought that it was the girl singing, that's why it is worth explaining)

The story is about the thieve breaking into the artists room and stealing some of her designs. She seems very kind and innocent when she shows the Artists "her" designs Cut The Cord, first scene thieve by ZuZiDrawsStuff

She throws her out, brushing her of, since she thought she is simply a small 'fan' who tries to impersonate her
Quote: "Taken my Kindness for granted, you're not worth all the tears"
The Thieve gets mad at her, for not appreciating her efforts to be as good as she is and rips the poster of the Artist off the wall. She makes new designs, probably traced from the Artists work and becomes "The next best Thing". The Original Artist isn't amused by her getting all the attention from her simply tracing her work and sends out robots to try and destroy "her" Clothes. She finds out that the destroyed clothes look good on people and she gets even more and more fame
This is what I associate with this: The Artist notices her getting more and more attention and tries to make her stop tracing. She "talks" about her/ calls her out, but instead of stopping, the fans of the tracer are defending her and she gains more and more popularity.
The war between the Artist and the Thieve starts. Both have an army, which are supposed to be their Fans, and are letting them fight, until the Thieve fires a rocket and hits the center of the Artists working place, the head:
Cut The Cord, Robots by ZuZiDrawsStuff

The war doesn't stop there, the Thieve gears up her army, her "fans", with machine guns and holds a speech in front of them.
The Speech:"Everybody should have an equal opportunity doing what they love. And no matter what happens, I will make sure of it. Using whatever force necessary I need to."
The fight continues and the Thieve got stronger with the help of her robots (Her "Community"). The Original Artist has only some robots left protecting her, but they fail and she gets killed by the Force of the Thieve. The Music gets calm, only the piano is playing. The Thieve is shown sitting in her working place, accompanied by her "Community and Fans". It is quiet and the Thieve looks at herself in the mirror. Seeing what she's become, tears start running down her face and she finally sees what happened because of her. People are shown wearing "her" clothing, still believing that she had made them all by herself, although she simply traced over a famous person and ruined their lives.
My Interpretation: The Drama between the Artist and the Thieve is getting worse and worse and the two different communities are defending their Idols, until the Artist can't take all of it no more and stops designing. She is done with her Art and just leaves. The Thieve has the fame she wanted, but soon realizes, that she has destroyed the person she looks up to and starts regretting her actions.

This is the story and how I see it. Now I'm going to talk about the visuals and lyrics.
You should have noticed that the hair color of the girl is changing constantly throughout the video. This is showing her emotions:
Cut The Cord, first scene thieve by ZuZiDrawsStuff
Her Hair is pink in the beginning when she shows the Artist her Art:
>Pink is known as being an innocent color.
>That color is also known as showing love to someone else (example: looking at sth. through rose tinted glasses) the Thieve loves the Artist and her Art and wants to be like her.
>"Representing something in a rosy light" is used to describe someone showing something in a positive light.

Cut The Cord, green hair by ZuZiDrawsStuff
As she gets kicked out, her hair gets green and she is mad at her Idol:
>Being "green with envy"
>Being a fledgling is associated with green (from the German saying "Grünschnabel")
>She is very inexperienced with what she does, that's why she is angry at being kicked out. She is envious and wants to be as famous as her

Cut The Cord, blonde hair by ZuZiDrawsStuff
After she becomes the Next Big thing with her stolen designs, her hair becomes blonde (=yellow)
>The color yellow is optimistic
>It's the color of happiness
>She is optimistic that she can make something out of "her" Art, even though her idol didn't appreciate her.

Cut The Cord, white hair by ZuZiDrawsStuff
Although the robots destroyed her Fashion, she still makes money of it, selling it as her own idea and her hair is White.
>White represents godlike and to all her fans, the Thieve is almost like a god that they love
>It's the opposite to the Artists Black Hair. From the Thieves point of view the Artist is the bad and she herself is the good (Black = Bad, White = Good. Just like the Ying and Yang)

Cut The Cord, red hair by ZuZiDrawsStuff
The war between them is getting out of control and after she fired the rocket at the Artists, she gets even more aggressive and her hair changes to red.
>Red is the color of aggression, Fight and hate
>She hates the Artist now and wants to win over her

Cut The Cord, grey,red,purple hair by ZuZiDrawsStuff
The Thieve won the war, but now her hair is a dark purple-red.
>Purple is a calming color, so it's calming the red in her hair.
>Everything in the room is grey and purple. Grey is the color of regret and purple shows that the drama is calming down, since the Artist left it. People are slowly forgetting about it, leaving their lives with the stolen clothes on.

Quotes explained:
"Taken my Kindness for granted, you're not worth all the tears." (0:28)
>She noticed her tracing her Art, but she didn't do anything about her, because she brushed her of as a small Thieve who is just not worth talking about.
"Cut the Cord. Mark the Pins. You're not bad at darning, darling, but that doesn't mean anything. Cut the Cord and mark the Pins! You're not bad at what you do, but that doesn't mean a thing." (1:00)
>"Cut the Cord" could mean something like "Just stop it already". She isn't bad at what she's doing, but she isn't good as well. That doesn't mean that she can Trace other people's work and use it as her own.
"Fearless Infantry, stand behind me in my Stride." (1:47)
>Her fans are going to try to help the Artist, but as we see in the Video, the same thing goes for the Thieve
"You've put up a fight, tearing at the inseam. Watching everything falling apart won't keep me from my dream." (1:57)
>The Thieve is tearing at her, but she will keep the fight up, until she defeats her and makes it clear to the people that she doesn't earn the fame and money.
"Everybody should have an equal opportunity doing what they love. And no matter what happens, I will make sure of it. Using whatever force necessary I need to." (2:43)
>The Thieve thinks she is doing everything right, by doing what she loves: Designing. But she doesn't realize that it is wrong to Trace and she wants to be able to continue it. That's why she wants to make the Artist fall. Because The Artist doesn't think it's equal that someone who doesn't do anything gets the same amount (if not more) of fame and money like someone who actually works.

Yeah, so this is my interpretation. I hope it's okay and the reason why I didn't talk about every line they are saying is because I honestly didn't know what they mean ^^' If an of you know, please tell me <3


You guys remember that Drawing I did with the pegasus flying in a night sky for my teacher?
Yeah, I didn't get any appreciation for that. I was the only one who drew something and I spend like 2 hours on it, and I didn't even get a simple "hey, Zuzanna, Thank you for that drawing"
Not even anything close to THIS!
I don't know if I should be pissed, since it was a rather hard time for that teacher, but: That teacher thanked my friend for writing her a letter. And I don't know what she wrote there, but she like talked with her for about 25 minutes about it (Everyone in my class wrote something and I was the only one who drew her something.)
Yeah, I went from being neutral with that teacher to disliking her.. .-.

I defeated 100% of players in this quiz - Black And White Quiz.:

embedded_item1487455032959 by ZuZiDrawsStuff


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